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Business Model

Our business model is designed to sustain in a strong position during challenging economic times and to show extensive profit during times of economic growth. Every investment purchased is based on strong fundamentals, long term goals and careful selection. The strategy is build around four cornerstones: economic development, people, infrastructure and exit strategy.

1. Economic Development all properties are selected in economically vibrant and growing areas. There is a lot of research and data analysis done prior to deciding which specific areas are going to have strong economic fundamentals now and going forward.

2. People one of the important criteria that we look for are people moving to an area and population increasing. By ensuring, we see population growth this will create a demand for rental and purchase properties which help improve cash flow and equity positions in our investments.

3. Infrastructure Big infrastructure projects already in construction are sure sign of economic upward trend for years to come. Not only does this improve in many ways they transform communities in a big way. i.e. Anthony Henday Ringroad, Edmonton South LRT line, Port Mann & Golden Ears Bridge, 407 ETR, GO train stations.

4. Exit Strategy We have a clear 5 + year exit strategy. Properties are sold or refinanced when the market or price of specific property reaches a certain point and money is re-deployed in another investment or converted to cash.

We acquire single family or multi-unit properties that have strong cash-flow and future appreciation potential. All of them are in areas with better than average tenant profile and desirable to buy areas. Our single family homes are perfect for first-time buyers or growing families and the multi-unit buildings are compared based on cash-flow and future value estimates.