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Mentorship Program

If You’re Ready To Control Your Own Future and Live Life on Your Terms Then You Are Invited to Join Us.

Do you have the wealth you need to live in the house of your dreams, be debt free, take great vacations, send your children to college and enjoy a comfortable retirement? Such wealth can be yours through the fascinating world of real estate investing.

Every single day, THOUSANDS of people from all walks of life enter this most exciting arena called Real Estate Investing – but most are unprepared to take advantage of the opportunities in their marketplace because they are poorly educated in the field.

The inherent problem with most Real Estate Investing training is your spending more of your time and much more of your money on tapes, books, seminars and investor “gimmicks” and less on actually learning the steps on how to correctly purchase investment real estate.

We’re changing the paradigm of Real Estate Investing, by taking training and mentoring to a new level of excellence! By providing hand-holding training, and a foundation of total support to ensure that our students have an unparalleled advantage in the field – where it counts.

The Prosperity Mentorship Program is for serious individuals that are seeking to learn the fundamentals of Real Estate Investing before they purchase their first investment property on their own or for full time investors looking to support their business with Joint Venture Partners.

Here is just some of the topics will learn in our 6 Weeks to Success – Prosperity Mentorship Program:

1. Goal Setting

  • Defining and Designing your road map to success.
  • Creating Your Real Estate Investing Business Plan

2. First Steps to Ensuring Success

  • Bank Etiquette and getting them to say “Yes” to your deal
  • The Real Estate Investor Checklist
  • How to Recognize What a Good Deal Looks Like
  • Building Your Strong Real Estate Investment Team

3. Analyzing Your Investment

  • Confirming Your Investment “TRULY” Cash Flows
  • How To Use Comparables and Listing Sheets to Benefit Your Deal
  • How Best To Negotiate The Purchase Price and Make Money from Day 1

4. Due Diligence When Offer Accepted

  • Due Diligence 101
  • Further Negotiations Tactics Before Closing
  • Safe Guards To Get You Out of Any Real Estate Deal

5. Tenant Searches

  • Finding The Perfect Tenants for Your Investment
  • Qualifying Your Perfect Tenant
  • Tools to Support “You” the Landlord

6. Joint Venture Partnerships

  • Use Other People’s Money, Partners & Joint Ventures to Invest
  • Presenting to a Potential Partner
  • Management of Your Investment

And much, much more……

When you have concluded the Prosperity Mentorship Program you will have the knowledge and confidence to help you become a sophisticated Real Estate Investor.

Newbie investors may take years to learn how to properly invest in Real Estate causing significant stress and costly errors which is why this program will benefit anyone who is interested in learning the correct way in a very short period of time.

Remember the difference between those who dream about success and those who actually achieve it is that the second group takes action!

What Our Past Graduates Are Saying?

“We wanted to become sophisticated Real Estate Investors and that’s what we’ve become by taking this course. We learned the ins and outs of investing in a well instructed manner. It was a Great Course!”

Randall Tkach, Surrey, British Columbia

“We learned so much from this course. We learned everything from the beginning, middle to the end on how to invest in real estate, the proper way. This course gives you the knowledge you need and helps you avoid making mistakes. I would definitely recommend this program; in fact, I think it’s a must before you start investing!”

Sophie Ghebremichael, Surrey, British Columbia

“The Mentorship Program has given me a lot more confidence in researching a background of a city, doing the “Due Diligence”, and the things I have to know before I invest in any town. The program is a must take for anyone who is remotely interested in buying an investment property.”

Russell McKinnon, Langley, British Columbia

“If you are serious about investing, then I would say this is the program for you. It takes the fear out of investing. Some people want to only invest in their home town so they can keep an eye on their property incase things go wrong. This program teaches you to break out of that mindset and look at the country as your backyard and see if the numbers work as far as investments are concerned. You can go anywhere. This course gives you the knowledge and the tools to look for great investment towns anywhere in the world.”

Gerry Kainth, Vancouver, British Columbia

“I took the Mentorship Program because it was something I was very interested in and I wanted to learn more. I definitely would recommend the program as it’s a great starting point for anyone that is serious about real estate investing.”

Brent Murphy, Surrey, British Columbia

“I took the Prosperity Mentorship Program because I bought an investment property blindly and didn’t like how it turned out. So, I wanted to learn the correct way before I invested again. I learned a lot from this program which will help me with future purchases like how to research my investment town and what things I should be looking for when placing offers on the property. I would definitely recommend this course as it was very informative.”

Steve Mare, Surrey, British Columbia

“I was able to work through the mentorship program and apply the knowledge immediately. The program helped me become successful in researching and financing my first Real Estate investment home for my business. My passive income has grown by approximately $300.00 per month. Highly Recommended!”

Susan Shimodaira, Surrey, British Columbia

“A great show which had exceeded my expectations. I would most definitely recommend this program.”

Dr. Anton James, Surrey, British Columbia

How To Register

Seating is limited to 15 People as we believe having small classes create a better learning environment and the absorption rate of the strategies taught will be much higher.

We are currently registering students for our Spring 2013 session so if you want to secure your seat would like more info, please call our office at (604)-882-6901.



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