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About Us

At Prosperity Real Estate Investments, developing safe and secure real estate investment opportunities designed to help you create wealth and achieve your financial goals is the foundation of our business. We believe direct property ownership in multifamily & residential properties, where your name is registered on title for your unit, is an excellent way to take advantage of the many benefits of real estate investing – and we’ve developed investment techniques designed to take the guesswork out of the process. You can even use the money you’ve already saved in your Registered Retirement Savings Plan to participate in our investment opportunities.

Our team of real estate professionals is dedicated to delivering product excellence, investment security and professional service. All of our investment offerings are backed by the highest level of due diligence including extensive background research, engineering reports and assessments, which you can review prior to making any investment decision. Your personal advisor will take the time to understand your investment and retirement income goals and help you discover how our real estate investment opportunities fit into your unique goals and time horizon.

We believe so strongly in the value of property ownership and the security of our investment offerings that we invest side-by-side with you to ensure property performance is aligned with our mutual goals. Also, we understand that our investors don’t necessarily want to be landlords, so every project includes third-party professional property management.

Through direct property ownership in strong markets, you can add a high performance layer of diversification to your investment portfolio and generate a monthly income that will grow as you approach retirement.

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