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Investor Benefits

Effective plan1. Prosperity Real Estate Investment Members benefit from our expertise and investment opportunities. Extensive due diligence is conducted by our experienced team, saving each investor time as well as the hassles of researching. Prosperity analyzes and thoroughly researches countless investment real estate properties on behalf of investors. Only a select few projects pass our high standards and are presented to our valued members.

2.Once a project has been selected, we have in place a rigorous evaluation program to achieve maximum growth potential with minimal risk for our investors. They have the added knowledge and security that our extensive research includes:

  • Independent third-party appraisals and inspections conducted for each project.
  • Thorough economic assessment of the area to ensure long-term growth and stability
  • A study of economic diversity and key economic indicators to determine area viability
  • Demographic studies such as population trends, income and age levels
  • Evaluations on the geographical and surrounding areas
  • Statistics on employment and vacancy rates
  • Business climate and confidence in marketplace
  • Levels of investment, both locally and foreign
  • Political climate

These are just some of the many aspects thoroughly reviewed. Our knowledge, experience and research help us identify market timing for each property.

3. Once our analysts determine a project passes our extensive evaluation process, it is only released to Prosperity Real Estate Investment Members.

4. We help arrange financing at competitive rates. Our investors gain from the large volume of business we do with the big banks. As a result, our Members are viewed as preferred clients and receive better rates.

5. We make the closing process easy with discounted legal rates. Once again, there is power in numbers.

6. We arrange optional third-party property management to manage your property for you. Quarterly statements are forwarded directly to you, providing a hassle-free investment. This is an extremely attractive feature for most of our investors, who do not want the added responsibilities often associated with real estate investing.

7. We provide ongoing assistance and service to help you implement, change or develop strategies to achieve your financial goals.